Technology Meets Efficiency & Quality

From private homes to development projects

From private homes to development projects

  • The possibilities are almost unlimited – we are able to produce buildings of all dimensions – from private homes to three-storey buildings.
  • Both small and large projects are welcome – we are capable of producing anything from individual, tailor-made, houses, to whole villages, quickly and efficiently in our modern factory.
  • A factory that is located nearby – production in Estonia, Europe’s largest exporter of wooden houses.

Certified quality at every stage

  • A track record of engineering excellence – knowledge gained from the sharp end of building design and manufacture is put into practice, using engineering solutions you can trust.
  • Technology-based precision – automation wherever possible, including accurate saws that are used to cut all the materials used in house elements.
  • Factory-based production, independent from outside weather – all elements are produced in factory that features a controlled climate, proven as ideal for the production of timber house elements.
  • Consistent and reliable processes – the standardised production process and internal quality control ensure consistency, the like of which cannot be achieved with on-site construction.
  • An experienced team – everyone, from engineers to builders, are grounded in, and have worked for a long time with, Nordic standards.
Certified quality at every stage
We preserve nature and your budget

We preserve nature and your budget

  • In order to take care of the environment, we use only environmentally friendly materials that are supplied by reputable and recognised partners
  • In order to benefit the client – building element houses is more economical and faster, which means lower costs for you
  • Always a small step ahead – we always comply with, or even exceed, relevant international requirements
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