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Managing Director, Member of Management Board

General management, pricing and economics
Phone +372 504 1511
E-mail ando (at) puumaja.ee

Sales Manager

Management of sales
Phone +372 521 6298
E-mail tiit.orlovski (at) puumaja.ee

Production Manager, Member of Management Board

Production management and development
Phone +372 504 1078
E-mail tiit (at) puumaja.ee

Factory Manager

Factory management and quality control
Phone +372 521 4786
E-mail reigo (at) puumaja.ee

Technical Assistant

Support functions, economics, personnel work
Phone +372 730 7844
E-mail anne (at) puumaja.ee

Production line Leader

Main leader of production workers
Phone +372 519 78064
E-mail varmo (at)puumaja.ee

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