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Siimusti 2The factory of Puumajatehase OÜ is located in Siimusti, Jõgeva County, Estonia. Production capacity of the factory is 90-100 medium-sized (150 – 200 m2) single houses per year. Due to flexibility deriving from our production structure we take projects of different house types consisting of 1 to 50 or more houses. Our purpose is to find the best and most effective solutions to our clients. Our factory uses modern and ecological production technology. The factory premises, altogether 4,050 m2, include facilities with controlled climate for production of timber house elements. All of the materials used by Puumajatehase OÜ are CE certified and obtained from internationally recognised producers. Our production process follows a production and control plan that has received approval from the EOTA, the European Organisation for Technical Assessment. The production processes are standardised and properly supervised by experienced specialists. The factory uses modern and ecological production technology.




The workers of Puumajatehase OÜ are trained to know the Nordic construction standards having also experience in assembly works on construction sites in Sweden and Norway. One of the methods used by us to meet the quality standards is enabling the factory workers to participate in assembly works, which gives them assembly skills and knowledge they can use in production of the elements in the factory, especially in paying attention to the assembly risks. Therefore, the production of Puumajatehase OÜ meets the high quality standards of the Nordic construction. The engineers, owners and managers of Puumajatehase OÜ have in addition to experience in construction gained over decades also longer than 10 years of experience in the field of factory production of wooden house elements and house construction in Estonia, Sweden and Norway. Experience and skills in construction and production of house elements and profound knowledge of the area are the security for high quality products of Puumajatehase OÜ and conformity to all applicable standards. Puumajatehase OÜ’s suppliers are only the best and acknowledged professionals with top professional expertise which ensures the highest quality of used materials and products.



Randek (11)
Randek (55)

All our elements and rooftrusses are cut out using Randek SPL728 fully automated saw. The SP728 cut saw is effective, easy-to-use and accurate. The blade on this semi-automatic saw supports both angled and inclined cuts, which mean it can make any cuts one may require.

  • Angled cuts from 0° to 360° and inclined cuts from 90° to 28°
  • Cut heights up to 260 mm, possible to cut three boards in each cutting cycle
  • Computer controlled allowing fast adjustment
  • Fixation of timber near the cutting area allowing accurate cutting





Puumajatehase OÜ’s suppliers of construction materials and products are only reputable partners who also export their production. Puumajatehase Ltd. partners are for example:

  • Storaenso  AS –  construction wood material
  • Puumerkki AS – wood materia
  • AS Rait – wood material, outside wooden panels
  • Rautakesko AS – general construction materials
  • Viking Window AS – windows, doors
  • ITW Construction Products – fixing materials (nails, screws etc.)
  • B & B TOOLS – fixing materials
  • AS Liimpuit – glue-laminated wood products